Wednesday, April 26, 2006
Exercise for fingers, wrist and palm of the hand
WE all know the bad effect of computers on our health and most of us even workout regularly to prevent such problems. Ok, I might be exaggerating when I said "most of us" but at least we all "think of" working out or take other measures like taking regular breaks to prevent such problems which are known as Computer Related Injuries(CRI). So what exactly you do when you take that break? Let me guess - you raise you hands and stretch your back because your back is tired, you rub your face and runs your fingers in your hair because your head feels heavy. And you take a little walk to give those legs some exercise. You are feeling relaxed, and now you get back to work. Break is over. But wait a minute. What about them which did all the work. Yes your fingers which actually typed those keys and wrote those papers. Please don't neglect them.

Wrist, fingers, palm and back of the hand are "the most" neglected part of your body. Hands are not just bones, they are made of nerves and muscles which produces lactic acid and which also gets tired. So the next time you take a break do your hands some favor by doing following exercises. And yes, just like all other exercises from me these are also simple and very less time consuming AND you won't need any equipment either.

Squeeze and release.
This is the very first exercise I do because it helps in relaxing the muscles and thus prevents any muscles and nerve damage. Start with both the hands, hold them straight in front of you with palm facing down and finger pointing straight. Now Clinch your hand and make a fist with your fingers (thumb on outside). Release and repeat 10 times.

Thumb Stretching.
Hold your left hand straight in front of you, thumb pointing up and palm facing right. Now with your right hand fingers hold the left hand's thumb and squeeze gently. Then slowly bend it toward left hand's wrist until you feel the stretch in your thumb and palm muscles.
Release and repeat 10 times with both hands. Just remember that while doing any kind of stretching exercises don't over do it, listen to your body and stop it if you feel pain because the aim of stretching exercises is to stretch the muscles and not harm them.

Wrist flexing.
Hold both hands in front of you, palm facing down. Now make tight fists. Slowly start moving your wrists up and down. Do it for 30 seconds. Now move your wrist to the left side and right side. Do this for 30 seconds. And in the end rotate the wrists clockwise and anti-clockwise and reverse (you will notice that it’s easier to rotate wrists in opposite direction with done with both hands together :-)

Hand Massage.
Finally you have given enough workout for your wrist and fingers. Now its time to give then some rest. Sit comfortably on a chair or sofa. Keep your left hand on your left thigh, palm facing down. Now place your right hand on left hand just between the wrist and the elbow. Slowly start rubbing your left hand with right palm by moving it straight towards the finger tips and back (do not try to rub the wrist and forearms in churning motion because nerves can get damaged). Now repeat for right hand.

Just include these 4 exercises in your daily routine; it doesn't take more then 5 minutes to do them all.

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