Thursday, April 13, 2006
"5 minute" Wrist exercise.
Lets start with a simple one here. Why don't you do this exercise with me. Yes! that would be great idea.

OK! so take you hands of the mouse and keyboard. Good!

Exercise 1:
  • Extend your left hand out, with back of your hand facing you and fingers pointing up.(just like the traffic cop tells you to stop ;-)). Good.
  • Grab the top of your left hand's fingers with your right hand.
  • Bend the fingers by pulling the fingers towards you.
  • Hold this position for 5 seconds. Then release slowly.
  • Repreat 4 more time with same hand.
  • Now repeat with right hand.
  • Do 3 sets with both hands.

Exercise 2:

  • Extend both the hand in front of you, palm facing eachother.
  • make fist with fingers of left hand, thumb outside.
  • Grab the fist of left hand with your other hand.
  • Bend the fist to inside with your right hand, while trying to resist with your left hand.
  • Do this for 5 seconds. Then relax for a second.
  • Repeat again.
  • Now repeat the same exercise with right hand.
  • Do 3 sets with both the hands.

Done. See! it didn't take much time. Did it? Now remember to do these two exercises atleast twice a day.

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